Jul 20, 2010


the watchmen, 2009, encaustic collage, 36x48.

vessel in vain, 2010, encaustic collage, 18x24.

we were lost before we began, 2009, encaustic collage, 30x30.

My friend Miranda Lake's lush encaustic collages tell the story of man's relationship with nature.  We manipulate, destroy, rebuild and destroy all over again as nature struggles to adapt and evolve the best it can out of the wreckage.  Sometimes it wins, sometimes it loses and then sometimes it's horns on a typewriter. 
Her home in New Orleans is an extension of her work.  It's a prop shop for her imagination and a cabinet of curiosity.      

On the left is my dog Gracey and on the right is the one and only Mr. Whipple. 

I couldn't resist. 

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