Dec 28, 2011


In order to stitch together biography and art, it meant pulling out every single photo and having a look. 

I gave my first ‘artist talk’ at The Dixon last week, power point and all.  A variety of people showed up - family, old friends, art world friends, and strangers. (Thank you!)  I basically told my story, which like most people’s is not a straight line that goes from one thing to the next, but a looping experience of going backwards, coming forward, moving sideways, coming forward, falling down, coming forward.

I explained how and why I make paintings - how my eyes take in information and how I abstract what I see.  I talked about influences, discoveries and taste.  I was admittedly nervous, especially while planning it, but once I started it felt natural and comfortable to explain my process from the beginning. 

We all have a story.


Dec 8, 2011


 This book is full of rooms with details that find their way into my paintings. 
I've been admiring this room for a long time.  Considering the beige palette Pottery Barn has inflicted on us, it’s hard to imagine that in the sixties the average person (woman) was encouraged by mainstream ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ to actually live with bold color! I decided to do a painting based on this room of primaries, one that pays homage to the pleasures of this partiicular version of domesticity.

The Living Room, 36" x 36",  acrylic and graphite on canvas, 2011

Another spread in this book I keep coming back to is this yellow and gray room. 

It reminds me of Shelley Duvall's apartment in 3 Women

With these two interiors in mind I made a painting of yellow and gray.

Nothing Troubled Us, acrylic on canvas, 2011