Oct 24, 2012

texture - fern remnants

Oct 18, 2012

This is my friend Libby's shed that I drew while sitting around her backyard as she modeled a shell out of a ball of clay.  Spending time with friends while making things is my favorite way of socializing, especially when we branch out and do different things than we normally do in our studio.  

I’ve also been getting together with a writer friend but that's a bit different.  We chat before and after, but when we actually start working there’s a lovely shared silence for about an hour.  She works on her poems and I usually write in my journal,  pen an old fashioned letter (I use to be an avid letter writer before the internet, but not so much anymore), or I’ll just read.   Carving out this kind of time helps my studio life because each time I do it I pick up something, usually subconsciously, that I can carry in my pocket forever.