Oct 24, 2012

texture - fern remnants


  1. 14/2/2013 Albury NSW Australia, Hi there I've just found your accordian file blog by following sites for Louise Bourgeois and really likes your comments about her drawings. It's very lovely to see shots of your studio on the blog with all your work pinned up, like the works in the books and the way you installed them in the exhibition - good on you. The greens in the sink rang a bell too. I hope your blog will continue this year. I'm a painter and teach painting and drawing to adults at the tertiary college in Albury. Cheers Mary-Jane

  2. What a lovely note, Mary Jane. Thank you! The accordion file is like a sketchbook - somethimes my mind is on fire and I am actively using it, and then sometimes I don't pick it up for awhile. I do have a lot brewing that I need to get down, so I'll be posting some of that soon. Take care, Melisaa