Feb 26, 2014

thinking about piles and rituals


Lately I've been pouring over almost two years of drawings: sketchbooks (the bigger ones that live in my studio and the smaller ones that live in my purse), finished drawings with tracing paper over them so they don't get dirty, and the forty or so that are half-way there. Rarely do I make a drawing and say "Aha! I'm going to make a painting of THIS."  I use them to pull elements from - marks, patterns, compositions, etc.  They are my guide.

Looking at this particular period of drawing I realize how much I think about about piles and how certain piles comfort me. I enjoy assembling them as much as disassembling them. No two are the same.  Piles are a part of daily life and ritual, and I need rituals like folding laundry and stacking kindling.  
And I need to draw and paint them too.