May 31, 2011

my city

This is Brent Shrewsbury's "Hollywood on the Mississippi".  I have a personal connection (a story, a memory) to almost every location he chose to shoot.  Spending most of my life here I've seen things come and go.  The landscape has changed so much.  These grainy images of this sleepy town juxtaposed to 'San Quinton' is pitch perfect.  It's a good humored love/hate relationship to Memphis I can relate to. 

I also like the story behind it.  He got his hands on a free can of film and off he went. The economy of means is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  Doing more with less is an essential part of the creative process - whether it's writing a poem, making a drawing or a film. 
He explains:

This film explores Memphis’s abandoning of architectural integrity in favor of sprawl and waste. Many of the locations depicted in this film have since been demolished. Ultimately, this is more an “experimental documentary” than a “music video.” However, since the length and edits were dictated by a single musical piece, I chose to classify it as a music video.

Synopsis: I was on summer vacation from college when this project erupted from a can of free film. With respect for my hometown, and a limited amount of raw stock, I chose each shot deliberately. However, unfortunately and unforeseen, the opening shot of the film caused my associate and attorney, Richard, along with myself, to be added to a Homeland Security watch list. Scolding us for taking photos near a bridge, the Arkansas police sergeant then took our pictures for the FBI.  

May 30, 2011



Teaching has been a revelatory experience.  Thank you!  


May 22, 2011

the rainbow connection

a cake my friend made for her daughter's birthday 

studio shelf with office supplies and magazines

May 21, 2011

quick sketches

Living Room
Sun Room

May 14, 2011

From their show at the farmers market.

the sad part is they don't live forever

This is a house on McLean Boulevard that I pass almost every day.   After the last big storm came through town the street was blocked to remove a massive tree that had fallen.  A few days later I passed and saw the owner standing in the yard just staring blankly at the empty spot.  Then a few days after that  I saw this grave marker. 

We have a hundred year old willow oak tree in our yard that I am deeply attached to.  It is an important part of my daily existence.  That tree and the 80 year old one next to it keep  me humble as much as they keep me cool.  

May 1, 2011

after the rain

I keep thinking of last August when it was so dry here that when it finally did rain it felt like a new phenomenon no one had ever experienced.  This spring it seems to rain heavily for half the week.  The tornado sirens are so common I forget they are even on.  Thankfully Memphis has been spared.

I'm so very sad for our neighbors in Alabama.  I can't imagine their grief.  Seeing the pictures of that destruction makes me very grateful for the beauty in my rain drenched intact world. 

drawing class

This is the third week of the drawing class I'm teaching.  We dove into contour this week. 

They also drew tools.

The masters...

an arrow on a boat

I went on a river boat ride with friends.  Rachel showed me this and said, "isn't that a great arrow?"  

It really is.