Dec 28, 2011


In order to stitch together biography and art, it meant pulling out every single photo and having a look. 

I gave my first ‘artist talk’ at The Dixon last week, power point and all.  A variety of people showed up - family, old friends, art world friends, and strangers. (Thank you!)  I basically told my story, which like most people’s is not a straight line that goes from one thing to the next, but a looping experience of going backwards, coming forward, moving sideways, coming forward, falling down, coming forward.

I explained how and why I make paintings - how my eyes take in information and how I abstract what I see.  I talked about influences, discoveries and taste.  I was admittedly nervous, especially while planning it, but once I started it felt natural and comfortable to explain my process from the beginning. 

We all have a story.