Jun 6, 2010


In early May it rained and rained and rained. One of the many the brick flower beds around the house filled up with so much water that the clay in the soil expanded, tipping over 22' of wall. We came out one morning to a pile of rubble.
James went to the brickyard and loaded up the trunk of our '85 brick colored/shaped Volvo with a new stack, and then prepared the area. 
He'd never laid bricks before, but spent the three day Memorial Day weekend figuring it out.
Once the wall was finished we spent a lot time standing over it with big grins on our faces.  It so satisfying to put something back together after it's fallen apart.  
The predominate textures around our house are bricks and white iron.  We're probably going to live here a long time, so between painting rusty fences and reconstructing old brick walls, we'll never run out of projects.
We're going to plant a patch of milkweed here because monarch butterflies lay their eggs on them.  On the other side of the fence is a small easement between the houses where we want to slip in a couple of more vegetable beds.  The nooks and crannies seem to be never ending.   

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  1. okay...now come to my house. you need not forget how to do it.