Jun 29, 2010

from the studio wall

Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, Jane Goodall and Patti Smith are people I look to for inspiration.

Joan Mitchell had her demons but she made beautiful paintings and worked hard in spite of them. I discovered her in an art magazine when I knew nothing about art except that I liked to draw and wanted to learn how to paint.  I’ve looked closely at her work for a long time now so her marks and colors are deep in my head and hand at this point.  Even though I’m still trying to figure Agnes Martin out, I believe she tapped into a spiritual realm that painting rarely goes.  She seemed to know the visible and the invisible. 

As for Jane Goodall and
Patti Smith, there are a lot of reasons they are on my studio wall, but mainly I put them there because they are both still working hard and passionately, just as I hope to be doing in twenty or thirty years. About a year ago I pinned this little grouping up to see every day because I need role models.  


  1. Melissa, I love seeing your wall of women!!!! I have to get mine back up too as it IS such an inspiration--as is your blog and knowing that you are there working away just like i am. Community across the blogoshere!!!

  2. I had a good day in the studio today. Picked up a beautiful Andy Warhol book off the shelf of his illustrations from his graphic design days in the 50s. Man, could he draw!