Apr 21, 2010

the kids are alright (part II)

These collages have two things I appreciate in art:  
1.) a sense of humor with a spoonful of truth 
2.) a smidge of pink

The two Friday night art shows I attended last week were curated by Rhodes College students Maggie Exner,  Noelle Smith and Esther Ruiz and Whitney Ranson, respectively.  The collages are from a collaborative installation by Brannan Denney, Adam Farmer, and Mary Carmack called Role Play.    

I personally liked the title of the second show, I Miss Ashley, because Ashley is my middle name, which was actually my grandfather's middle name, back when men were named Ashley.  


The statement said the photographs are a documentation of the artist Ben Bauermeister's daily life.  I saw them as a documentation of friendship.  
The mindset between friends of "why call when you can just stop by?" and then hanging out for a few hours together changes as you get older.  It just does.  

I miss Ashley too. 


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