Apr 3, 2010


Inside a cabinet in my studio there are a few brown accordion file folders filled with random drawings, found notes, pictures from magazines and scraps of this and that.   Anything that might inspire a painting but hasn’t been glued into a sketchbook is stashed away in these folders. 

My studio process is a lot like thumbing through the contents of an accordion file.  I’m always sifting, no matter where I am or whether I’m making art or not.  Here we go, flipping through it all...

Some time ago I acquired a beautiful stack of glossy film stills.  This one from is from the 1968 Czech film "A Report On The Party And The Guests”. 


  1. Yay! I am so excited!!!! Great first post!

  2. me too! great photo, Melissa -- haven't seen this film, but have a sudden desire to host a dinner party in the woods!