Sep 11, 2011

the light house

This is a visual record of a home I spent a lot of time in.  Recently, I had the opportunity to walk through before it was sold to take pictures of the details that are important to me.  This is memory.  

Every afternoon as the sun sets light pours in.  People who had spent years in the house would comment on the magnificence of this light, as though each time was the first time. Beyond the architecture and the light, there was something transcendent about the space.   Whenever I walked onto the porch it was like going through a worm hole into another dimension, a place just beyond this reality. There was a vibe to it, a peacefulness, that was so resonant you could almost hear it.  Granted, my friend who lived here was the type of person who welcomed everyone with open arms and brought out your best self. But there was more to it than just her kind nature.  Even she acknowledged the house held an inexplicable spell.  

I miss my friend every day.  I’ll miss this house.  I’m sharing these deeply personal photos in honor of her memory and the future artwork they'll inspire.  


  1. Melissa, these bring tears to my eyes. They are beautiful and I see some paintings in there.

  2. i have always felt that way there too. beautiful photos and beautiful memories.