Mar 27, 2011

the first page

I started a new sketchbook.  It looks like this one's going out to Eudora Welty.


  1. Love! SO inspiring, a new notebook...I think I've got to start one so I can get out of this semester!

  2. Miss Eudora was a collage-maker too! A NY Times travel article about her home says "The dining room reveals a glimpse of how this writer worked in the days before editing could be dispatched in a few keystrokes. The pages of a typed manuscript are spread out on the table, straight pins fastening revised passages over the original draft." (It's also in her bio but this was the first quote I found.) Love your work, and how delicious a new notebook.

  3. Barbara, Laura and the entire interweb:

    If you're ever in Jackson, MS go on her house tour. It's amazing!