Jan 10, 2011

an art opening and a snow day

I like both showing my art and a snow day very much.  The opening was Friday and the snow was last night.  The first couple of weeks of 2011 are off to a good start.

The 'art opening' is a study in contrasts.  You spend hundreds of hours alone making the work only to be in a room full of talkative people for a couple of hours showing the work.   Despite the bizarreness of it all, it was incredibly gratifying to have the opportunity to hang two years worth of work in a big room for others to see.  It was a memorable night of friends, family and strangers coming together, an experience I hope to have quite a few more times in my lifetime.  

I brought my camera to the opening but never got a chance to take any pictures. I'll post some installation shots soon.  I was going to go by the gallery today to get some shots, but it's a snow day! (Hopefully this isn't the only one of 2011.  The blanket of white illuminates the house with a blue tone that defines winter.)

If anyone wants to check out the show, here are the details:

Buckman Performing Arts Center
60 Perkins Extended
show runs through February 18
gallery hours are m-f, 10-4

The new work is on melissadunn.net

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