Dec 20, 2010

december in the studio

Between the bike messenger bag, the chair and the cabinet, it seems pretty obvious where this painting is coming from - my stuff.  

It's a busy time in the studio right now as I wrap up a group of paintings for the show.  For months I drew, started paintings, drew some more, started more paintings, and looked a whole lot. I'm now in the final stages of wrapping everything up, taking in these paintings as a body  of work, wondering where it all came from.  I do each piece with an intention and a goal, but as I get into the actual application of paint, I allow for chance to have it's place in the process as well.  The fun part for me is seeing where intention and chance end up landing.

Things I've been thinking about in the studio are mostly formal:  

the vertical and the horizontal
expressionistic marks next to graphic marks
long lines over empty spaces 
layers of squares
heavy neutrals with splashes of color
building thoughtful grounds
using sign painter brushes for lines
chunky darks


  1. so exciting to see--thanks for this yummy glimpse of your studio!!!

  2. Had a great visit to your studio today! What a pleasure it is to witness your process :)