Nov 8, 2010

curtain call

The previous owners of our house added on a big den off the kitchen sometime in the 1960s or 70s. It makes for a nice studio with lots of light, a closet, built in book shelves and cabinets, and a non-functioning brick 'fireplace' with gas logs  that I use to prop paintings on. I can imagine the years worth of many family gatherings in this room.  Now there's lots of art making.   The HVAC doesn't extend to the studio but the heater/ac window unit works surprisingly well.  Turn the knob to the right in the summer and to the left in the winter.  In the summer I just leave doorway open, but in the winter I block it off because the house is drafty. 

I'm always a little sad when it gets so cold that I have to hang the curtains. I really like having the view of my work table from the kitchen when I'm cooking or puttering around.  I think the furthest distance I'd ever want my studio away from my field of vision is an out building.  Sometimes I fantasize about living in the country with a studio out back.  In between the two buildings there would be a big garden with  a stone pathway, a bench and a small pond with lotus flowers, fish and frogs.  In the meantime,  my view from the kitchen suits me just fine.

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