Oct 23, 2010

still life

Drawing feels good.  I believe that artists go back into the studio, the kitchen table, to the sketchbook, and do it over and over and over again because it triggers a pleasant chemical reaction in the brain. The irony for me is that I spend so much time thinking about what my art means, where it fits into the greater scheme of object making, what I'm trying to say, blah blah blah.  The truth is that I keep doing it because I know that when I'm working my mind will end up in a wordless empty place.  

Even though I draw a lot, I don't draw from life much.  Sometimes I'll cluster stuff together, or as an after thought I'll have a look around the room and draw a chair or a pair of shoes on the floor, but mostly I just draw from my imagination.  James and I were talking about still life drawing and how we should have a corner with a small one set up ready and waiting for when we wanted to go and  'have a draw'.  He set up this one with a milk crate, foam, a tube and some cord.  I haven't drawn it yet, but I enjoy passing it by every time I walk in the studio knowing it's there when I'm ready.  

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