Sep 8, 2010

summer's officially over...

                                                    (Asheville, NC pool side.)

... and what a summer it was.  The weather was extremely harsh with many days over 100 and barely any rain.  The weeks of poor air quality seemed to wear the whole city out.  But when I look back on the summer of 2010 I won't think so much about the heat. I'll remember the color studies and collaborations I worked on in the studio, the new teaching gig and all the walking in North Carolina and Connecticut.  

I also honed a very useful skill this summer: how to properly use a hoe!  I learned that and so much more about growing food at the weekly early morning gardening sessions in the Orange Mound/Grow Memphis garden with Josephine.  ( As she likes to say, "I know it's going to be a good day when it starts with my hands in dirt.")     

So despite the crazy heat this was a great summer. The most wonderful day of all though was back in June when I  trekked out to the suburbs with my two good friends to the JCC water park.  Kellie  and I giggled our way down the two twisty slides over and over again and then took turns pushing her beautiful mom Duane around the lazy river.  After a few hours of sun and play we had the post-swim munchies, so we sat in lawn chairs in our wet bathing suits and ate sandwiches and french fries from the snack bar.  

That day was the best day.  

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  1. Oh come visit US in North Carolina next time you're here!!! We'd love it!!!