May 18, 2010

"light breaks where no sun shines" - dylan thomas

Early this morning I pulled down a collection of Dylan Thomas poems that I bought in a used bookshop years ago.  Inside the jacket, written in neat firm handwriting diagonally along the lower part of the title page is this note:

Christmas 1984
To one of the brightest souls I'll ever know:
Take this book, go to Swansea, Wales, follow the seashore to the Mumbles, and read it on the cliffs.  
It's a guaranteed religious experience!  I know that you'll take advantage of every minute of the next few months - and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.  Keep on growing...
Love and best wishes,

I won’t be going to Wales these next few months, but I will be working hard to “take advantage of every minute”.   Thanks for the encouragement, Tim, whoever you are.  

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